How do I get rid of bees on my shrubs?


I’ve had large bumble bees and wasps swarming around my little oak tree in the front yard most every year. This year it seems the bees have moved over to my shrubs in front of windows. Help! How can I get rid of them!?

Based on the time of year when all this happening, I doubt you’re seeing bumble bees. Bumble bees will seek food in the form of pollen and once they gather some, they’ll move on and away. They don’t hang ¬†around swarming. But another bee that looks like bumble bees will. This other bee is known as a carpenter bee and as explained in our CARPENTER BEE CONTROL article, the males will hang around bushes and shrubs quite a bit waiting on a female. I suspect this could be what you’re seeing.

First, do a good inspection around your property to make sure there aren’t any nests forming like what we describe in our article. If the property is mostly free of nests, you can then consider doing some treating to keep them away. In our Carpenter Bee article we talk about CYPERMETHRIN. When applied to plants and house surfaces, it will both repel and kill any insects that try to use the treated area. This should keep them away.

We also have a non killing insect repellent that can be used to repel unwanted insect activity on and around the home. Featured on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL SITE, this product is listed as NBS INSECT REPELLENT. Basically it’s a concentrate that can be mixed with water and sprayed on the home and plants with the intention of chasing away unwanted pests. Made with plant oils, it’s not a pesticide so it won’t kill anything. But it will effectively repel and keep unwanted activity from bees and wasps minimized. Mix it water and spray it where you’re trying to keep them away. It can also be added to paint as an additive serving the same purpose. When used as an additive, treatments will last 1 year or more.

Here are direct links to these items and information:

Carpenter Bee Article:


NBS Repellent:

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