how to get rid of snakes in garage?


I live pretty much in the country, and our garage has a dirt floor. When we moved in, there was a mouse problem in the garage, so obviously we had black snakes there to eat the mice. We put mothballs all around the garage to get rid of the mice, but I am still seeing snake skins in the garage. How do I get rid of them?

The easiest way will be to trap them out. If you review our SNAKE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see several SNAKE TRAPS featured. These are easy to use and when baited with either a live mouse or some SNAKE LURE, you’ll catch them in a relatively short time. Once caught you can then set out some SNAKE REPELLENT around the garage to prevent new ones from entering. The scent of old snake activity and rodents is sure to attract more so using the repellent is suggested.

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