How to get rid of moles in the yard?


i have heard that if you put mothballs around your yard it would keep moles away. does this really work and if it does how? i’m seeing tunnels all over the place and i know i have a problem. what is the best and cheapest way to get rid of them?

I suggest you start by reading our MOLE CONTROL ARTICLE. In the article you’ll learn they probably are active in your yard because they’ve found a good food source. Get rid of the food and you’ll get rid of the moles. The article will explain how to do this as well as offer several MOLE REPELLENTS that can be applied after you treat for their food supply.

As for moth balls and moles? Forget it. They won’t help and in fact would just lead to more problems with your turf. Stay away from all these remedies and use products designed for the product if you want safe and effective treatments.

Here are direct links for the Mole Control products and information:

Mole Out:

Mole Control:


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