how to get rid of wasps and bees around swimming pool?


I see them roaming around my pool all the time and they scare our family. Obviously I don’t want to wipe them out – I just want to keep them away or to send them elsewhere. Any quick solution?

There are two things you can try. First, install a FAKE WASP NEST. This wasp and bee repeller is a visual deterrent which is designed to make it seem as though there is already a wasp colony active nearby. Instinctively both wasps and bees tend to forage away from existing colonies or other nests. We’ve had good results from customers who have installed this unit with this exact purpose in mind.

Second, if you have a lot of plants around the yard close to the pool, spraying them with some BUG PATROL will usually chase all insects away. This product is organic and easy to use; just hook it to your garden hose and spray as needed.

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April 21, 2012

Lance @ 9:38 pm #

Regarding bees around a swimming pool (CY-KICK):
Last summer my mom had a problem with bees constantly stopping over to get water for their hive out of her pool. She lives in Phoenix, AZ on a lot that backs up to some desert open space. At first there were a few bees here and there maybe every hour when you were out enjoying the pool which is typical no big deal. Then one day my mom called me and told me there were hundreds of bees constantly swooping down for water. I couldn’t believe this because I have never heard of this. Sure enough when I came by her house a few days later there was a steady stream of bees flying in and out with at least 100 at a time if not more all around the back side of the pool. It was so bad you had to wait until evening to go swimming because they were there from sun up to sun down. So we were told by our pest control guy that they had just found a new water source and should only be there short term maybe a few days and move on. Nope. Weeks went by. I tried soap and water. Waste of time. I tried wasp spray that you can get at the local hardware store. Sure it worked for those that where there, but after those died more bees just kept coming. I didn’t know what to do outside of hunting down the hive. Good luck with that right. Then one night it occurred to me. Why not treat the Pebble Tech walls and the cool decking the bees were landing on with the same stuff I have been using for scorpion control around my house? CY-KICK! Guess what? It worked!!! I went our early in the morning before the bees started coming out and sprayed around the pool. That same day the bee numbers drastically decreased to only the odd few and within a couple days they were gone. Either they picked up a chemical signal that the pool was no longer a safe place or those that tried the pool ended up dying and couldn’t tell the rest of the hive about the water source anymore. For those of you that think killing bees is a terrible thing I do agree as they certainly serve a purpose, but when they are Africanized bees within close proximity to humans and pets they can be quite dangerous. I didn’t want to mess around I just wanted them gone. I hope this helps someone else that encounters this issue because it sure solved my mom’s bee problem around the pool. As for the scorpions at my house the CY-Kick seems to be helping in that area too. I highly recommend the product. Good look and I hope this post helps someone else out there.

Cykick CS:

July 13, 2014

lisa @ 12:50 pm #

I cannot keep the wasps away from my backyard and pool. I’ve tried everything. Even a good spray. Nothing. We cannot use our pool or enjoy our beautiful patio. My grandson wants to play……please help!!!!!!

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